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Mestre Indio

Mestre Indio

Sandro dos Nascimento, Mestre Indio, started Capoeira in 1980 at the young age of 7 with Professor Braço de Radiola. He would continue training with his teacher until 12 years of age. Shortly after he would continue his training with Linguado and later Mestre Duvalle. 

Around 1994 he moved to the state of Paraiba, Brazil where he would stay until the year 2000.

In late 2001 he migrated to Canada where he continues to train and teach in the Vancouver area.

In 2015 he received his Mestre graduation from Mestre Teté in France.

See Mestre Indio in action at RDB1:

Mestre Indio at RDB1 Toronto, 2021