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Mestrando Paraiba

Mestrando Paraiba

Mestrando Paraiba is the lead Instructor at Capoeira Bamba Toronto. He began Capoeira 1996 at the age of 12 with Mestre Barrao. Today, Paraiba’s determination has led Capoeira Bamba Toronto to be the largest and most successful Capoeira Academy in the GTA, with over 30 weekly classes and various performances throughout the GTA. Mestrando Paraiba’s work has been recognized in the GTA through his 7x award-winning academy. He strives to promote and provide the highest quality of training for all his students. Capoeira Bamba Toronto prides itself in providing a positive and energetic atmosphere for our students of all ages. In the summer of 2012, Paraiba was awarded his 2nd degree “Professor” belt and in June 2016, his Contra-Mestre belt followed by his Mestrando graduation in 2018 in Brazil. He continues to challenge and motivate himself and his students through different aspects of Capoeira and beyond.

See Mestrando Paraiba in action at RDB1:

Mestrando Paraiba at RDB1 Toronto, 2021