Capoeira in the UFC

What do UFC fighters Conor Mcgregor, Anderson Silva and Jose Aldo all have in common?

Anderson Silva doing Capoeira Ginga in UFC
Anderson Silva doing Ginga in UFC


A very common question we get asked is: “How effective is Capoeira in a fight?”

But the real question should be: “How good of a fighter are YOU?”

You see, in every style of fighting, there are the hardcore enthusiasts and the “weekend warriors”. How hard each person trains will determine how good they will do in a self-defense situation… hence, the question of what martial arts is better in a fight becomes irrelevant. No matter what martial art you train, your focus, determination, and goals will speak for itself in a fight. If you only train to stay in shape, then you are probably not going to be the greatest fighter.

Capoeira is a very powerful martial art. A skilled Capoeirista can defend him/herself in a fight IF that is what their training consists of. Every group, academy, and teacher has a different approach to teaching. Some focus more on tradition, others acrobatics, and others, the Martial Art. At Capoeira Bamba, we believe in the true reason why Capoeira was created; a tool for self-defence against oppressors.

Check out the videos below for clips of some big names using Capoeira in the ring / Octagon.
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