Capoeira 101 | Aú (Cartwheel)

Capoeira 101 | How to do AÚ (Cartwheel)

⋈ AÚ ⋈
(cartwheel, also called “estrelinha” in Brazil) is one of the first acrobatics you learn at Capoeira Bamba. There are many progressions into other more advanced moves and so it gives you a good base for those. It’s how you will enter the RODA and can be used as an acrobatic, escape and even an attack (adding kicks from upside-down position). Some people are naturals with AÚ already when they first do a Capoeira class. Others need more practice. In this video, we break down into easy steps on how to progress from never having done one, to being able to execute the full move.. . ✅ Here are some pointers for your AÚ: – keep your hands flat and firm on the floor – look forward (not at the floor) – swing your legs for extra momentum – control your landing in a ‘Paralela’ position