5 reasons why you should do Capoeira

With so many options for martial arts classes, fitness, sports and dance classes, its easy to be overwhelmed and confused as to where to start. Where do I begin? You can start by asking yourself what are your goals and what you enjoy doing. Are you looking at becoming more fit, learning a new skill, improve your confidence? Are you more inclined to dance, to take on martial arts or acrobatics? Many people have found the answer to all these questions in Capoeira. This Afro-Brazilian art form combines all the elements above (dance, martial arts & acrobatics) and more into one amazing and eye-catching form of self-defence.

Here are some reasons why people do Capoeira:

1 – You will always meet some new friends who are ready to help you learn and get in shape. Unlike many other activities, Capoeira encourages a team spirit where everyone trains together, supports each other and watches each other’s back. It’s unlike a regular workout routine where you do a workout, pack your bags and leave. It’s very common to see student’s stay late after a class is done working to improve their moves and helping each other grow and improve as well.

2 – Capoeira is a workout that’s fun! Running on a treadmill that really gets you nowhere is slowly becoming a thing of the past. People are learning that in Capoeira they are not only working out their bodies, but their minds as well. Weights and aerobics become boring and repetitive. No two Capoeira classes are ever the same and your body will notice it. You will get so caught up in your learning that you will forget what a great workout you are getting in!

3 – Martial-arts, dance, acrobatics, fitness or music… Can’t decide what to do? Your answer is CAPOEIRA! While dancing, you kick someone, flip your way away from them, sing a song to tease them AND get a great workout while doing it! In it’s early days, Capoeira had to be disguised in dance in order to avoid prosecution by the police since it was outlawed in Brazil until the 1930s. The dance steps and acrobatics are a distraction to your opponent (and the flips are just plain COOL!), and any fighter will tell you that surprise is your biggest weapon.

4 – Lets face it Canada is one COOOOLD country…why not take a trip to Brazil 3-4 times per week?! When you visit a Capoeira Academy, you will feel the heat, the music and people will be welcoming to you right away. That’s the Brazilian way. Capoeira encourages interaction and expression, so  even if you’re not used to it, you will learn to open up when you feel people’s warmth towards you.  The music will make you want to move and the vibe will keep you coming back for more!

5 – All work and no play will mess with your stress levels. Capoeira, like many other martial arts, is a great stress reliever. But, where Capoeira differs, is in the vibe you get when training. People are not just there to punch and kick, but rather let their emotions guide them as some games will be friendly, some acrobatic and some aggressive, but you decide. Having a good day? Then play a nice game. Having a bad day, why not let our punching bag know!

Need more reasons??? Here’s a few more…:

6 . Sometimes you just get this urge to be upside down.
7 . People stare at you on the street for playing the “air berimbau.”
8. You have memorized the lines to Only the Strong
9. You hear Mark Dacascos say the line “This time, I don’t play.” and you start laughing no matter how many thousands of times you’ve heard it. (And this applies to anyone doing the imitation as well!)
10. Every time you get up from a fall or sitting on the ground, you negativa and right yourself in a role.
11. Every time you see a Mazda commercial you feel compelled to complete the line with “…Capoeira mata um!!!”
12. You constantly check to see if the white pants a random person on the street is wearing are capoeira pants.
13. Every article of clothing you buy generates the question, “Can I play capoeira in this?”.
14. When trying on new pants, you perform kicks to ensure that there is sufficient crotch room for Martelos and Armadas.
15. All your hard drive space is used up because of all of the capoeira pics and videos.
16. You can remove everything you have in all your pockets in one movement.
17. People wonder why you have a bow and arrow/fishing pole/bong in public places.
18. Anytime you see an open grassy area you get an insatiable urge to Ginga and do a floreio.
19. You walk around bare-foot to “toughen up your feet”.
20. During the one hour of boredom when you can’t do capoeira, you surf the internet for sites like CapoeiraBamba.com!