1st Roda de Bamba – 15th Annual Batizado & Troca de Corda

Its official! The 1st RODA de BAMBA Encounter is finally here!

This is our 15th Annual Batizado & Troca de Corda (belt ceremony).

We invite ALL members of TEAM CAPOEIRA BAMBA to participate, regardless of level or how long you’ve been training.

This event is open to all Capoeiristas of any school who want to train, play and learn from each other and enrich everyone’s Capoeira experience.

TEAM BAMBA was launched in December of 2019, and shortly after, the world shut down. This will be our FIRST event as TEAM CAPOEIRA BAMBA and the 15th event hosted by our team.

Stay tuned to @https://rodadebamba.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/CARTAZ_2021-2-1-1-scaled-1.jpg for official poster, t-shirt design, schedule, new belt system and more!

We are excited to welcome our guests:
Mestre Indio
Mestre Coquinho
Mestre Lua
ContraMestre Perninha
ContraMestre Sapo
ContraMestre Falcao
ContraMestre Camarao
ContraMestre Mala
Professor Chaveco
Professor Saci
Professor Hiena
Professor Soquete
Professor Kmelo
Instrutor Faisca
Instrutor Fofuxo
Graduado Pulga
Graduada Nenem
Graduado Mamute

See you on November 28th, 2021!