10 Ways your Child will Benefit from Capoeira Training

Capoeira is the most dynamic, exciting, fun and rich martial art there is!   Capoeira combines dance with martial arts and acrobatics. When it is publicly viewed, only a few of its elements are exposed: the dance-fight, and trickery. Training Capoeira has much more to offer your child than just physical benefits.


Here’s a list of ways your child will benefit from Capoeira.

10 benefits of capoeira for children
Capoeira engaging Bamba kids
  1. Capoeira is about community! Your child will become a part of our Capoeira family. He/she will meet new students, make new friends and become part of a larger community.
  2. Capoeira is all about social inclusion. Capoeira is for everyone.  No matter what size, age, race or colour. At Capoeira Bamba, we create a welcoming environment for everyone! There are equal opportunities for children and adults, and they practice, sing and play as equals, with integration and respect.
  3. Capoeira can help you develop self-esteem and self- confidence.  Your child will feel a sense of pride and confidence. He/ She will find confidence in knowing they learned new things that they have never thought they could do before.
  4. Capoeira is a great way to learn self-defense. Your child’s reflexes and agility will improve as he/she learns the many kicks and escapes in Capoeira. Bullying has become an overwhelming problem in schoolyards. At Axe Capoeira, we don’t take self-defense lightly. Bullies Won’t stand a chance next to a Capoeirista 🙂
  5. Capoeira will keep your child active!  Because of Capoeira’s dynamic nature, your child will develop flexibility, strength, endurance, power and speed all at once!…AND….it’s A LOT of FUN! An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle; when you exercise your body, you also exercise your mind!
  6. Capoeira benefits your child’s intellect and self-discipline. Your child will have improved focus and concentration, whether its in Capoeira class or his academics. Here at Axe Capoeira Toronto, the teachers promote healthy eating, working and sleeping habits to enhance our students’ lives through self-discipline.
  7. Capoeira teaches self-respect and respect for others. Your child will practice self-control during individual practice and when working in pairs.
  8. Capoeira will help your child learn a new language!  Although classes are run in English, your child will be encouraged to count from 1-10 in Portuguese and learn simple choruses in the call-and-response music of Capoeira. Through
  9. Your child will learn about a new culture. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art. It is deeply connected to Brazil. Your child will learn about the Brazilian culture through many songs in Capoeira, and through its and historical origins and traditions.
  10. 10. Capoeira encourages creativity.  Capoeira allows your child to develop a sense of individual expression through music and movements and the ability to think creatively and strategically in the “Jogo” (game).